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Binata. ambition for excellence.

Highly professional & creative engineering team.
Specialized in Real Time embedded systems design.
Site is under construction: expected to be live on 15.04.2024
Software. Hardware. Algorithm.





  • Design efficient & robust software architecture (maximize HW utilization, offloading CPU resources).

  • Low level drivers development.

  • All communications protocol wired & wireless.

  • Implement DSP algorithm.

  • Implement Neural Networks on edge device.

  • Edge computing for AI inference functions.

  • OS/ bare metal Real Time development.

  • Static code analysis.



  • FPGA design.

  • Board design (schematics & layout).

  • Bring-up.

  • Analog-digital mixed signal design.

  • Compliance with medical standard.


  • Signal processing.

  • Statistics.

  • Machine learning.

  • Feature art.

  • Deep learning.

  • Specialized in extracting nontrivial valuable insights from wide variety of sensors.

  • Customize high end algorithm to be implemented on end device hardware.

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3 Hatnufa st.

6th fl.

Yokneam, 2069203


Tel: 04-610-8144

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