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High end platform utilizing mmWave Radar 77Ghz, global shutter camera & micro thermal imager fused together, establishing a valuable set for cutting edge algorithms.

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Elderly care:

A context aware system which assist elders to age confidently at home, while their family and caregivers can be informed about the elder's daily routine, and especially be alerted in case of emergency.

The technology behind the system is based on Infra-Red sensor, advanced optics & trained machine learning model which learns each elder behavior and detect anomalies in real time.

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  • Design efficient & robust software architecture (maximize HW utilization, offloading CPU resources).

  • Low level drivers development.

  • All communications protocol wired & wireless.

  • Implement DSP algorithm.

  • OS/ bare metal Real Time development.

  • Static code analysis.

  • Board design (schematics & layout).

  • Bring-up.

  • Analog-digital mixed signal design.

  • Compliance with medical standard.

  • Signal processing.

  • Statistics.

  • Machine learning.

  • Feature art.

  • Deep learning.

  • Specialized in extracting nontrivial valuable insights from wide variety of sensors.

  • Customize high end algorithm to be implemented on end device hardware.


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